Corporate Governance and Compliance

AH lawyers are sought after for their expertise in advising directors and senior executives on their fiduciary and other legal obligations in those roles. As well as its advisory capabilities in this area, AH also represents corporate officers in disciplinary inquiries, court proceedings instituted by regulators and criminal proceedings, and is well known for its highly successful track record. The firm strives to combine a close knowledge of the relevant law with a commercial approach and understanding of the attitude of regulators. This is assisted by the participation of members of the firm in boardroom activities, not only as legal advisers, but also as active directors of listed public companies. Tony Hartnell is also able to bring to bear his experience gained as founding chairman of the Australian Securities Commission.

The firm has also been active in advising shareholders, including significant institutional investors, in relation to performance by directors of their duties and the implementation of changes to boards of directors, whether with or without the co-operation of such directors.