Foreign Investment

Taxation and regulatory considerations can have a major impact on the ultimate overall success of investments made in Australia by foreign investors, whether they be corporations (large or small), or individuals. AH is expert on advising on these considerations.

Although generally smaller foreign investments in Australia do not require prior Australian Government approval, some do, and larger investments generally require such approval. For most industries, approval is not difficult to obtain. On the other hand, if approval is not sought in a timely and efficient manner or, if the approval application relates to a so called "sensitive" industry and is not handled in an expert fashion, difficulties may arise. AH has good relations with the elements of the Australian Government involved in obtaining the necessary approvals, and has accumulated significant expertise in gaining such approvals and avoiding such difficulties.

AH personnel have, for example, been centrally involved in some of the more "sensitive" foreign investment approval applications. They include approvals for News Corporation to acquire Herald & Weekly Times Holdings, Foxtel and certain other companies, and for the formation of Ten Network Holdings with the continuing high percentage economic participation of CanWest Global Communications Corp in Ten Group Pty Limited, as well as less publicly contentious approvals in certain other "sensitive" industries.

Any of our corporate and commercial partners can assist in relation to dealing with foreign investment matters.  Our tax lawyers also have significant expertise in structuring inbound investment.

Click here for information regarding the latest changes to the foreign investment rules in Australia.